Determining the Value and Cost-Per-Use of Nanopositioning Software

When you see that nanopositioning software is for sale, you might be tempted to buy it. A reasonably good deal on this software might save your research department a lot of money. Yet, just how much money is worth the expenditure? A proper cost analysis is needed, but you will have to do it quickly if you do not want to miss out on making a purchase. Here is a briefer cost analysis that will help you decide to buy nanopositioning software for sale. 

Cost Per Use

How often do you think your lab will use this software? The real question here is, does your lab already have a nanopositioner that you use, and how often do you use it? If you use the nanopositioner daily or almost daily, then divide the cost of the software by the number of days you can guess that you have used this equipment. If the cost is less than twenty dollars a day after you have purchased the software and you know that it will easily be used often, the cost per use method of cost analysis reflects a good purchasing decision. This will also earn you a few bonus points with the company and the head in charge of company expenditures when you show them how you decided to purchase the software. 

Value of the Software

Nanopositioning software requires that you calibrate the software with an accompanying nanopositioner. If your lab is going to purchase a new nanopositioner anyway, that makes this purchase an easy choice. However, if your lab is not ready to purchase a new nanopositioner, then you would have to have the company that produces the software come to the lab to calibrate it to your lab's equipment.

That does not always work out well if you work in a lab with highly sensitive and proprietary research. You will have to figure out if the value of the software coincides with the need and the ability to have it recalibrated with the lab's own equipment without infringing on the secrecy of the research. There are ways around that too, including non-disclosure statements of anyone coming into the lab. It is a subject you need to take up with any supervising laboratory researchers and company bigwigs. If it all gets sorted out, buy the software.  

These are just a few ways to know whether or not it's time to buy nanopositioning software. Contact a few suppliers and compare your options before making your final decision.