Six Things That Are Important In A Data Center Move

Data center moves are a complex but necessary project for project managers at companies of all sizes. Consolidating and moving data is helpful and even essential in the long term for the continued growth of a company. However, data center moves can create short term challenges that need to be handled appropriately to minimize the confusion, complications, and expense of the project.

The following are six things that are important in a data center move to ensure that the project goes as smoothly as possible:

Tracking of inventory

Several different types of inventory need to be carefully tracked to make sure that data center moves proceed efficiently.

Inventories of applications, databases, hardware, firewalls, and storage areas need to be carefully monitored. Also, the usage of these important assets should be planned for as part of the discovery process leading up to the data center move. 

Consideration of contingencies

Contingencies need to be taken into account to prepare for possible obstacles that come up during the move. In particular, business cases should be devised that address issues including the purpose of the move, any relevant reference cases, and estimations on the eventual profitability of the venture. 

Creation of a timeline

Timelines are important to plan out the schedule of the move. A high-level timeline should be created, and an action plan to go along with it helps to specify details. The action plan can cover issues like required skills, architectural data, and plans regarding risk management. 

Development of contract templates

Many data center moves require outsourcing work from third parties. If third party help is necessary, contract templates should be developed that can be used with these third parties.

These templates help to secure agreements, avoid disputes down the road, and lay out details of any warranties on work provided by third parties. 

Design of a detailed project plan

A detailed project plan needs to include consideration of access such as budget, communications considerations, and management planning.

A detailed project plan should identify who the responsible parties are regarding given functions. This plan should also detail exactly what methods are going to be relied upon when it comes to the migration of both applications and hardware devices. 

Completion of load and failure tests

Load and failure tests are essential for ensuring that a data center move has been successful. These tests need to be carried out at the new site to make sure that production operations can be carried out reliably and successfully after the project is complete.