Improving Your Companies Efficiency With A WAN

The idea that a simple change in the way that your business uses networking can improve the way you do business is pretty appealing. With the right network setup, you can reduce a lot of the problems with local networks, and improve your workflow and network speed to create a network that offers you some significant benefits. 

What is SD-WAN?

The acronym SD-WAN stands for software-defined wide area network and is essentially a way to describe a network that uses less hardware and more cloud computing and other resources contained within software packages, rather than expensive hardware like switches, routers, and racks of servers in your office. 

While the network becomes less physical in your business space, it is far more flexible and can allow for on the fly changes in the way the network is used. The light-weight implementation often means less downtime and few technicians working to maintain the system. In many situations, the network is managed by an outside provider, and you do not have to have inhouse staff deal with the network at all. 

Network Security and Dependability

When you are using an SD-WAN for your business, you are connecting to the network through the cloud, and you have more control over the applications that are accessing your network. For applications that are safe and trusted, the software can recognize and optimize connections. Still, in the same way, if an application is not a trusted connection, the software can quickly pick up on the connection and take steps to isolate it until it can be evaluated appropriately. 

Because users connect to the SD-WAN through the internet, the ability to connect from more places allows more flexibility for the end-user. If you have people working in the field, this will enable them to connect to your system and access what they need without having to be in a physical location or on logging into a dedicated server or network. 

For users traveling abroad or in remote areas, the flexibility may mean the difference between being able to connect and not being able to get on the network at all.

Managed Networks

Using a company to manage your SD-WAN is an excellent way to reduce problems further and increase the end-user experience. The managing company will deal with any hardware or software related issues on the system and keep the system running for you. 

Your network no longer requires hours of maintenance by your IT department, freeing them up to handle other tasks throughout the day and keep you moving forward. A managed corporate SD-WAN solution is not for everyone, but for businesses on the move, it can make a huge difference in how you do business and the speed at which you do it.