Why You Should Be Using Butterworth Filters

For many technological applications, you will need to use some kind of filter. And, while there are lots of different filter options to choose from, one of the best is definitely a Butterworth filter, particularly a Butterworth low pass filter. While you should explore all of your options, and carefully choose the best one for your particular application, this type of filter does offer a lot of unique advantages over other common options.


To start with, one nice thing about the Butterworth filter is how versatile it is. It can be used for a wide range of applications and for applications that change as time goes on. If you want to pick a single option that can grow and change along with your operations, this one is it.

The Butterworth filter maintains its versatility because of its maximally-flat response that makes it suitable for almost any application that does not require a very sharp, firm cut-off point.


Another thing to appreciate about the Butterworth filter is that, when compared to other filters, it has a very smooth frequency response.

It achieves this standard by maintaining a large number of derivatives for its magnitude. Thus, for smooth, easy responses and predictability, a Butterworth filter is the best choice.


Many people also appreciate that the phase response of the Butterworth filter is more linear than what you'll find with other filtration options.

This leads to improved group delay responses, which can be extremely helpful when security is a factor, as well as less overshoot.


While the Butterworth filter can do some fairly complex things, it's actually quite simple in terms of its setup and how it works. This can be extremely useful, especially when it comes to the transfer function.

This function is incredibly easy to calculate, understand, dissect, and, if needed, make changes to due to the fact that the polynomial involved has simple, easy to calculate coefficients, which can be altered from the set-point if needed.

While the Butterworth filter may not be the best option for every application, it can work for many technological needs. Thus, in your quest to select the perfect filter, be sure to look into this one. If it turns out that the Butterworth filter will or can work for your application, then give it a try. Most users find that it's the best, easiest to use filter they've ever experienced and that it helps to streamline applications in major ways.