Things To Consider Installing A New CB Radio Antenna On Your Truck

If you drive for a living and have a CB radio in your truck, you want to install an antenna that will offer clear transmissions, long-distance coverage and is easy to install on your truck. The CB Wilson 2000 radio antenna is an excellent option because it is durable, works well, and is reasonably priced.

Wattage Rating

When you are shopping for a new CB antenna for your truck, you need to consider the wattage rating of the antenna you are considering. If you are running a standard four watt CB radio, you do not need a high watt antenna, but you still need one that is high-quality and will work with your radio system.

A CB with an amplifier or booster may need to have an antenna with a high wattage rating to handle the signal correctly. If the antenna can not handle the radio's power, damage can occur to the antenna and the receiver. The Wilson 2000 radio antenna is a good fit for standard four-watt sets but is not rated for boosted CB radios.

Position and Tuning

The position that you mount your CB radio antenna in can affect the performance of the CB radio. An antenna mounted high on the roof, or the mirror frame of a large truck will perform better than the same antenna mounted low of the truck body. Select a mounting point high up, but in a spot that the antenna is not going to hit every tree branch you pass is the best option. 

The antenna can be tuned to work with your CB radio as well. If you have a CB radio shop that looks at your set up, they can check the signal going through the antenna and trim the shaft so that it works at its peak. Trimming the antenna must be done correctly, or the antenna may work far worse than it did before trimming it. 

Dual Antennae

It is possible to mount several antennae on your truck and get batter performance with them than you will with a single antenna, but if you are going that route, having the antennae professional installed is a good idea. The two antennae must balance, and the only way to be sure they are right with some specific tools that a professional radio shop will have in their shop. 

If you are considering dual antennae, make sure they are the same model and brand of antenna and support multi-antenna use. Your local CB shop can help you select the right ones for your situation.