3 Reasons To Use Managed IT Services In Your Business

IT services play a crucial role in today's business, from computer upgrades to ensuring everyone has the right software and equipment, and other core business functions. But the ordinary business owner is ill-equipped to handle the finer details of IT, for example, network administration. The dilemma is that maintaining full-time IT support is quite expensive, especially for SME business.  

Managed IT services can step into this gap. In this arrangement, a third party handles the technical details of IT while you concentrate on core business functions. What can your business gain from using managed IT support?

Realize Cost Efficiency 

Cost efficiency is how well a business uses its cash resources. For example, is it more beneficial to employ a cloud network admin for $85,000 a year, or hire a business-managed IT services provider for $7,000 a month? While the total costs are almost equal, an employee comes with added costs like medical insurance, refresher training costs, or bonuses.

Instead, the business can engage a managed IT support provider when necessary, for example, 8 out of 12 months in a year. It is more cost-efficient to hire an IT service provider because capital is expended only when there is a need. 

Access More Variety in Technical Skills 

There are different specialties in IT. You could hire a programmer to write code, and then find that you need a CRM specialist to connect this code to your existing system. You are limited in the skills you can access when using in-house staff. Recruiting on an ad-hoc basis is also inefficient. 

With managed business IT support, you access a variety of technical skills you need in one place. It is the responsibility of the IT services provider to ensure you have smooth IT services. 

Scale Up and Down Quickly 

Say your business needs to respond to increased business, for example, during the holiday season. You could deploy more workstations to handle the higher level of operations. Procuring and operationalizing this equipment takes precious time. 

But you could use managed IT services to deploy extra cloud IT resources in a shorter time.  This second option has an advantage in cost efficiency and rapid deployment. When business slows down, you can scale down the IT resources to avoid idle resources. 

Your business becomes more flexible by using managed IT support that is accessible from any place in the world. You can go where business opportunities are plenty and costs affordable. Managed IT services give your business an edge in a competitive business environment.