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Maximizing Cloud Storage Security: 4 Features To Look For In A Provider

Many businesses are moving their data to cloud storage since having files stored in the cloud makes it easier for employees to work remotely. In addition, it’s often less expensive than hosting data on servers located on the premises of your business. However, some businesses are wary of moving to the cloud because of potential security concerns, and this is valid — if your employees can access your business data remotely, then it opens up the possibility that an attacker can access it as well.

Why Your Company Should Migrate To The Cloud

If your company is still maintaining customer data and other business records with paper printouts, it’s time to join the 21st century by migrating to the cloud. You’ve probably heard of “the cloud” before but might not know what exactly it can do for you. What most people mean when talking about cloud migration is moving all important data to an online server that can be accessed from anywhere. This could benefit your company in a variety of different ways.

Improving Your Companies Efficiency With A WAN

The idea that a simple change in the way that your business uses networking can improve the way you do business is pretty appealing. With the right network setup, you can reduce a lot of the problems with local networks, and improve your workflow and network speed to create a network that offers you some significant benefits.  What is SD-WAN? The acronym SD-WAN stands for software-defined wide area network and is essentially a way to describe a network that uses less hardware and more cloud computing and other resources contained within software packages, rather than expensive hardware like switches, routers, and racks of servers in your office.

Fire Alarm System Installation: 3 Benefits You Can't Overlook

Fire protection for commercial properties means a lot more than simply having fire extinguishers at the helm and ready to go in the event of an emergency. Fire alarms are indeed crucial when it comes to alerting residents of a building that there is an emergency situation, providing them ample time to remove themselves from the premises and get outside where they are safe. If an adequate alarm system has not been properly installed, then there is an increased risk of serious personal injury as well as property damage.

Six Things That Are Important In A Data Center Move

Data center moves are a complex but necessary project for project managers at companies of all sizes. Consolidating and moving data is helpful and even essential in the long term for the continued growth of a company. However, data center moves can create short term challenges that need to be handled appropriately to minimize the confusion, complications, and expense of the project. The following are six things that are important in a data center move to ensure that the project goes as smoothly as possible:

Need A Closer Look At Your Septic? 4 Reasons To Use A Tank Inspection Camera

If you’re having problems with your septic system and it needs to be inspected, insist on the use of a tank inspection camera. You might think that a physical inspection of the system would be better, but that’s not the case. Where your septic system is concerned, inspection by camera is a much better option. Here are just four of the reasons why you need to use a tank inspection camera on your septic system.

Tips For Success In International Dating

Are you single and going to a foreign country for an extended amount of time? If so, you might be interested in trying out a little international dating. Hey, if you haven’t found anyone yet in your own country, so why not put yourself out there and go for it while you’re abroad, right? That said, international dating can be different from what you are used to in a variety of different ways.

Medical Coding: Avoiding Mistakes

Medical coding is one of the most vital, yet challenging tasks in any medical office. Good coding ensures smooth insurance transactions, but mistakes can lead to claims problems and patient dissatisfaction. For that reason, everyone working in your office needs to do whatever they can to get better at coding. What specific actions can be most beneficial? Seek Good Software If you’re still using antiquated means to do your medical coding, seeking coding software could be one of the best decisions you make for your practice.

Determining the Value and Cost-Per-Use of Nanopositioning Software

When you see that nanopositioning software is for sale, you might be tempted to buy it. A reasonably good deal on this software might save your research department a lot of money. Yet, just how much money is worth the expenditure? A proper cost analysis is needed, but you will have to do it quickly if you do not want to miss out on making a purchase. Here is a briefer cost analysis that will help you decide to buy nanopositioning software for sale.

Using CMMS To Implement Your Company's Preventative Maintenance Plan

Managing the maintenance of even a single commercial facility can often be challenging while managing multiple facilities is always overwhelming. Dealing with problem reports and routine work alone typically requires several full-time staff members simply to coordinate and direct the efforts of maintenance teams. One way to stay ahead of the never-ending battle against your own equipment and facilities is to commit to a robust preventative maintenance schedule. It can sometimes be challenging to bring team members on board with these plans, however, especially since they often require extra bureaucratic overhead and more effective time management.

Ready To Sell Your Business And IP Address? Set Up An Auction Today

If you are getting ready to sell your business, and there are some IP (internet protocol) and IT (information technology) sales that you want to make along with the business, it’s important to make sure that you get the right professional assistance. You want to be sure that you are getting top dollar for your IP addresses and any type of cloud storage or network you want to sell. Talk with auction companies about these different things to ensure that all of these sales go quickly.